Gardens to Calm the Holiday Stress

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Hey Y’all .  We have all experienced holiday stress in one form or another .  Finding the right present, wanting to give our families and children good experiences,  food and cooking,  parties, shopping, decorating,  traveling,  and the list goes on to create anxiety .

There are healthy ways to give yourself a mood lift and keep your cool .  These ways can come straight from your garden, organic products at the super market, and the health food store.

Of course the first priority should be sleep, while you are sleeping  your recommended 7 or 8 hours a day,  supplement your dreams with aroma therapy .  Lavender on or under your pillow or rubbed into your skin with a lotion is a great relaxer .  It has a soothing effect on the body and brain.

This year give yourself a break with 5 foods that it is suggested will keep you calm and celebrating .

Black Beans.   

Magnesium rich , enriches the central nervous system.  It provides the mineral necessary  to decrease anxiety.  Peanuts are also a high magnesium food along with leafy greens.


This product along with other whole grains that are rich in B vitamins are , Barley, Brown Rice, Oats , and Buckwheat.

Chamomile Tea

This tea can have a relaxing effect on the nervous system .  It can be enjoyed with apple juice, cinnamon, ginger or other flavors such as lemon and lavender .

Pumpkin Seeds

Zinc is a significant mineral in these seeds and greatly contributes to reducing anxiety and stress .  Beef, chicken, oysters, and nuts also will establish a mood mellower with zinc.  (I don’t know if mellower is a word but its useful here ).


This is a type of soybean that helps the brain produce a calming effect.  It has an amino acid that helps the brain produce serotonin .  The effects are increased agreeable behaviors .  Turkey and pumpkin seeds also contribute to your body with serotonin .  Maybe that is why we usually feel sleepy after a turkey dinner.

There are many recipes available that include the the stress busters  that I have listed .  I’m definitely  going to try them along with my favorite party foods.

Enjoying the sunshine here today .    Grandma Jean