Gardens Aside

This post may either enlighten your culinary attitude or it may continue with the prejudice of the rejection of readily available foods set in the American minds since childhood. Such biased opinions need to be addressed as our agricultural and land use practices have changed. These changes are questionable in many instances as the nourishment for our bodies is depleted while the volume of production increases. The threat of a world food shortage is not necessarily a reality with proper care and cultivation of our crops as well as conservation of our harvest .

Yes I am one of those Americans that prefer vegetables, fruit , and the standard protein additions to our diet such as fish, chicken, beef, pork, lamb , cheese, eggs, and the like. However , it’s all that I know how to prepare .

Thanks to the direction of some of my children that have traveled the world and have experienced some unusual epicurean delights , I am now broadening my tastes. Thanks also to my husband who used to love to hunt. He ate what he caught and brought me a cook book that instructed me on the ways of preparing the sports mans harvest.

I am not advocating becoming a survivalist as we see on the reality shows on the TV , but there is the real possibility of a shortage of nutritious food . and I emphasize NUTRITIOUS . America has a problem with obesity as a result , I believe , of the abuse of the transport mechanisms designed in our bodies.

Natural produce and animal proteins do not benefit us when injected with unnatural ingredients by the industry . The result of consuming processed foods that are enhanced with sugar substitutes, high fructose corn syrup, silicone , high salt content and other unnatural products have contributed greatly to national health problems . Yes these adjustments to our food supply can make it taste good but destroys our bodies.

Nothing was wasted with our ancestor’s preparation skills . The entire carcass was used of any animal . Some cultures still cook in this economical fashion. The bones and the marrow , the skin. neck, feet and wings . The organs and blood are also used instead of being discarded . My husbands grandma cooked filet fish one night and made fish head soup the next with the left over vegetables . Grandpa butchered pigs once a year and made blood sausage with left over pork and rice . Various glands such as kidneys and liver were used in various dishes . They pickled the pigs feet . Bone broth soup was made from the bones of any animal and fowl .

I suggest that before you commence on any new food adventure that you find a good recipe for preparation because its important to start with the basics so you will enjoy the result and prepare safely .

Some countries even prepare dogs and cats and mice for consumption and if the dish is properly prepared for flavor and safety, it is actually tasty , or so I’m told by a family member.

Enjoy your research, Grandma Jean

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