Planting with Promises

It has been too long since I have made any comments with this communication . I have no excuses except I have been delightfully busy. I have been learning about a new POS system and it’s applications as well as working with a business that is extending it’s marketing to the coast. I will explain more about that in detail in the future .

I have so much enjoyed the postings of other gardening enthusiasts and I have learned so much over this winter season . Thanks to all of you for your determination to share regularly .

The green house is producing winter greens , cabbage, kale, lettuce, spinach and this next week I will continue to start seeds for more produce . These seedlings should be ready for planting in March before it becomes too hot here to sustain much of anything. After that my seedlings will be planted in the mountain area where it is a more sustainable temperature for the plants in the summer.

I did take note of a few early birds chirping in my back yard last week . They must have gone back to more southern regions because I surely am not hearing them this weekend. Such is Spring . In the northern part of the country my grandchildren are enjoying tapping the maple trees to make maple syrup. They do this every year.

Enjoy the promise of Spring to come. Grandma Jean

3 thoughts on “Planting with Promises

    1. I don’t know if it’s normal . It’s a frequent occurrence . We are having a forester come this summer to evaluate the trees on the farm . I’ll ask , thank you .
      No it is not in a flood plain . It’s on the highest peak in the county in the middle of Ohio . There is however a river about a mile down the switch back road .

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