Deliciousness with Apples

Hi and how you doing today ?  Have you saved a crop of apples for the winter and occasionally have to sort them for bruises and age ?   Me too .  Instead of throwing them out , put them aside and make apple cider .

Hot mulled cider or cold cider with a cinnamon stick is always a welcome refreshment on a winter day .   Also replacing the liquid in a spice cake recipe with cider really enhances the flavor .

If you wish to make your own cider you may use apples or pears combined or just apples .  Wash the fruit , cut into chunks leaving the skins on .  A gallon typically uses about 15 pounds of fruit .  However , any amount of fruit can be processed .

Cider can be made with a juicer .  A cider press is not required .  Hand pressing can also be accomplished but takes more work.  When the pulp fills up in the juicer cup and it needs to be cleaned out , try to put the pulp in a cheese cloth and wring it over a container to extract any remaining juice until the pulp feels fairly dry or grainy .

Now take what juice you have collected and add brown sugar or spices to your taste .  Cinnamon , cloves , orange zest or lemon zest are favorite additions .  Strain for clarity .

If you wish to pasteurize the product then simmer on the stove for 30 minutes .   Be careful to not let it boil  .   If you do this and wish to harden your cider then you should add a fermentation product to your beverage .  This can be easily bought on line .

If you want little fermentation or slow fermentation then place the juice in an area where it can be kept cold . 

An old fashioned recipe is as follows .

WASSAIL, 1 gallon cider , 1qt. Orange juice,  1 cup lemon juice , 1 large can of pineapple juice,  24 whole cloves ,  1 cup of granulated  sugar , 4 sticks of cinnamon .  Combine and simmer for 10 minutes .  Remove cloves and cinnamon and serve hot or store in refrigerator .

This recipe can be adjusted for the quantity of cider .

Have a Blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .  Grandma Jean

3 thoughts on “Deliciousness with Apples

  1. Back when we had more time, we used the apples for everything imaginable, except only for fermented beverages. We canned apple sauce, apple juice, and even ready to make apple pie that only needs to be dumped into a crust and baked. The cores and peels were used for pectin extract. I miss working will all the apples. It is such a waste that most just rot on the ground.


  2. GREAT POST! Homegrown fruit is great! Much better than store bought. My grandparents had a good sized orchard and sold apples and peaches here at the farm. Then they made cider. Normally it was very good, but one year as I kid I remember when it wasn’t so good. Grandpa didn’t bother removing the worms or anything. The cider didn’t taste good to me, but grandpa drank it like it was amazing!


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