A Greener Garden

green plant
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hi again, and I hope that your Autumn has provided you with the colors promised with this season .    It is the time of year when we can provide our garden plots a well earned rest and reestablishment .  We can now turn our attention to our cold frame seasonal planting as well as developing plants in our sunrooms or greenhouses .  A cold frame can easily be built from an old window or glass door that you can prop against a pallet that sits against a building and is draped on both ends with clear plastic.

Greens do well in off season gardens  .  Kale, collards and other deep green leafies provide nutrition for our bodies as well  as much of the fiber that we should be consuming .   Iron, calcium and magnesium  are the primary benefits .  The darker the green , the more benefit absorbed.

There are many ways to incorporate these vitamin and mineral packed greens into recipes.

Tender greens can be blended into batters and dough for additional nutrients.   Watercress can be easily added into a batter for coating  or making a dough for noodles . Also a good way to consume them is to process them into smoothies .  This is especially true for spinach .  Adding chopped kale to any alfredo dish makes it attractive as well as nutritious .  Mustard  greens added to potato salad enhances the flavor of this dish .

Be creative and use the greens on all of your serving platters for the enjoyment that your guests will  appreciate visually.


Any suggestions that you have for additional uses are welcome here as I am constantly learning and trying new things.

Enjoying what each season has to offer,   Grandma Jean

One thought on “A Greener Garden

  1. We FINALLY get to plant our cool season crops. It is so unpleasant to take out the warm season vegetables while they are still productive. Now that the tomatoes are finished, and beginning to get frosted, they will be giving up their space for the cool season vegetables! (I normally take them out sooner, even if still producing.)


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