Garden Surprises in Spruce Pine


Hurricane Florence has gone and has left a mess for many with the flooding , wind and  tornados .  Fortunately the mountains have been my refuge .  After driving to the coast and securing the home there , I returned to the mountains .  Florence stopped at the shore as a category 4 and became a category 1 on land. This was enough to contribute to the destruction of life styles and lives for many but  I observed so many good people that came forward to help others .   This in its self is humbling to experience.   My neighbors on the coast were awesome .


There is a small town nestled in the mountains called Spruce Pine .   I had time to explore the area and came upon  an amazing garden supply business . The nursery is called LAKEVIEW Mercantile and Gardens , Inc. .    The owners Jeff and Darla Harding have an amazing knowledge of  all things growing and are available to share this information to you .  The greenhouse is a gem and all of their production include  a large variety of healthy , thriving  , large selection of plants .   They also have a nice inventory of garden  tools and statuary .  When you are in the Blue Ridge Mountains , do yourself a favor and explore this exceptional place.


As Fall is now here it is time to clean out our garden beds ,  make a list of our future plans and if you have a green house or cold frame , start some seedlings for cold weather crops.   I have learned a lot this year and kept a journal .  This journal has been an education in itself.   I encourage you to do this.

Hopefully I can direct my next post to beekeeping  .  This is a subject  I have had the opportunity to study and I would like to share with you.

Keeping the earth green with you , Grandma Jean

One thought on “Garden Surprises in Spruce Pine

  1. Florence seemed to be a dud. It was in the news for days, as if it could be one of the worst hurricanes in American history, but then affected a relatively confined area. I am glad that we do not have those here. Our normal storms can be bad enough. The trees here are the biggest in the world, but are not designed for wind. Something as simple as snow is extremely damaging.


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