Quality Gardening , Quantity Gardening



Hey , and good day to you .  Yes, I  am into dirt today and I don’t mean the tabloids .   And as I previously suggested ,  I am going to include a picture of the gardens that were established with and without the application of fish fertilizer.  Also let us look at the main differences between my coastal garden and the mountain garden .

Fish fertilizer provides nitrogen and phosphorous to the soil .  This  product should be diluted according to the manufactures instructions and applied to  the plant as a topical  solution after the seedling has been placed into the ground.   It is said that it can be used to apply to seedlings as they are started but I don’t .  The fertilizer is a concentrate and will last a very long time as it only takes a couple of tablespoons of it in a gallon of water.img_1344

The corn on the left was planted at the same time as the corn on the right .  The difference in growth is the fish fertilizer .

The coastal garden has been an experiment for me and after I determined that this was a climate like no other .  I tried applications of everything natural available under the sun.   Well water, distilled water or rain water was used for  hydration for both the mountain garden as well as the coastal garden.  The same seeds that I had dried from the previous years were used in both gardens .  The starting soil was was identical and the compost used was created from the same products with the exception of yard residue gathered .

Think, Think ,Think I did .  The climate and the soil base were the only differences that I could determine that  I could adjust.  The coastal climate has hot days and little cooling in the evening.  The mountain climate has hot days but does cool at night .   So with that in mind I have decided to plant the coast in the early spring and also around Labor Day for a second crop.  This alternative season will allow for the cooler evenings.

The soil base in the mountains is much deeper as that garden was established years ago . Adding soil, compost and mulch to it every year has increased its fullness and capability to absorb water to the root structure.   The coastal garden is new, has a good base on top of sand , but is not deep enough to contain the water necessary to supply the roots in this continuous heat .  This soil depth is being increased at the moment.

I am hoping that my adjustments do the job.  Meanwhile , I am heading back to the mountains to spend a couple of weeks freeze-drying my produce.

Any suggestions are welcome .  Please send your thoughts .  Grandma Jean

One thought on “Quality Gardening , Quantity Gardening

  1. Why must both gardens perform similarly? I grow what grows best in each garden. One garden parcel is too shady to be useful for vegetables or fruit trees, so I grow the fig stock trees there. They do not produce figs, but make plenty of canes for rooting for other gardens. Elderberries do well in the partial shade too, and do not take up space in the sunnier gardens.


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