Munching in the Mountains



Hello to all ,  The mountain garden is doing very well .  Daily picking of produce has been a delightful experience .  Soon it will provide more than we can eat .  At that time I will freeze dry much of it and some I will can like , sauerkraut.

The garden at the Coast was planted at the same time as the mountain garden but I soon discovered that the timing of the coastal garden was not accurate . It gets too hot and dry there for much success until we go into late summer .

And since we have recently spent over a week camping , we ate a lot of the food that I freeze dried .  It has all been very good and fresh tasting as well as easy to prepare.

Hiking, fishing for trout and enjoying the company of others as well as trying our taste buds out on the easy to prepare freeze dry meals has made camping a very enjoyable experience.  I have more meals that I want to create in the near future and  I am really excited to try them .

My granddaughter who is 7 caught a bigger fish than I did.   Good thing I brought along those easy to prepare meals .  😋

I hope you are having an enjoyable summer .  Remember to count your blessings and focus on what you are thankful for every day.  In the meantime  I will be enjoying camping and gardening and will be back with a full blog in a week .

Now on to Disney with some family .  I hope you have had a great summer and I will be back August 12 .  Thanks for sharing .

Harvest Right  is your place to go to for more information .

Grandma Jeanh

2 thoughts on “Munching in the Mountains

  1. Have you written about the differences between these two gardens? I also have gardens in vastly different situations, although they are only a few miles away. Sadly, I no longer live and garden in the Santa Clara Valley. It is the climate and soil that I am most familiar with.


    1. In a specific way I have not written about the differences in these two gardens . That is a good idea . I also had a garden in Ohio before I moved to the coast . I could incorporate that into the discussion also . Thanks for the suggestion .

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