Can Do or Can Don’t


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Hey Friends and Readers ,  it’s  been a good week  , I’ve accomplished a lot , learned a lot , and was able to spend time with friends .  The garden that I tried to keep organic was getting too dry .  I hopefully solved that problem with a hydroponic filter that attaches to my hose.  Rain has not been abundant in this location and when it did rain it was a gully washer and ran off quickly .

Every summer I canned the veggies from my garden .  I am a firm believer that good health and long life can be the result of consuming unaltered produce , meats and fish.  The home canned goods normally  have a shelf life of  a couple of years before they lose their color and freshness.  If they are properly sealed they will keep but the “blue ribbon ” quality often changes after a couple of years.

Still I will continue to can many products that I have had success with over the years , such as sauerkraut because I like my results, as well as chili, soups and chowders.  Frozen goods must be consumed more quickly than canned goods but I still keep items in my freezer to quickly pop out in case of unexpected company or because of meal planning for the week .  Items kept for a long time in the freezer tend to dry out and get freezer burn even if they are properly vacuum sealed.

I have just purchased a new product called a freeze dryer .  I love , love, love it .  It is so easy to use , unbelievably so .   I don’t get hot and sweaty as does happen in a day in the kitchen, canning.   The produce and meat are sealed in a mylar bag with an oxygen absorber pillow included and  it can last up to 25 years if properly sealed according to their instructions.   The finished results are “picked right off the vine favorable ”  .  I sometimes have to seal the product before I eat it all.

Storage is not a problem as the sealed product is light in weight and takes up little space. Small children can handle the containers safely and easily .  The veggies and other products created can be eaten as is or rehydrated in any way you wish.

I have had the product for 6 weeks now and have delightfully accomplished strawberries, blueberries, bananas , carrots, chicken,  barbecue, scrambled eggs and bacon, tomatoes and green beans .  There may be some things that I forgot about at the moment but tomorrow I will try brussel sprouts and later on in the week water melon .

Harvest Right  is your place to go to for more information .

Enjoy your day ,  Grandma Jean

3 thoughts on “Can Do or Can Don’t

  1. I can almost smell those strawberries! I hope (and expect) that they taste as good as they look. I would eat them all long before they made it to the canning or freeze drying process.


  2. Scrambled eggs? That sounds a bit too weird. I do not even like to keep scrambled eggs in the refrigerator for a few hours. They taste odd. When we had an abundance, we boiled and pickled some, and they were okay, and a better option to wasting them, but still not a favorite.


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