Challenging Crops


Good day to y’all .

This garden of mine is a learning experience.  Also a humbling one.  When I established a  summer garden in the northern climate of Ohio I thought that things were under my control.  I learned to keep the critters from commandeering my patch ,  I learned when to plant, when to water and when my soil needed enriched . .  The procedure was simple.  Harvesting was a pleasure.

Down in the southern coastal regions of North Carolina a new challenge has been presented to me.  The challenge is timing.   Not watering nor enriching my soil or combating the critters but , planting .  Some crops appear to require cooler weather to thrive and so I will add these veggies to my journal to plant earlier in the season or later when Fall comes around.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.  In this climate we should have at least two or three growing seasons , depending on the plants .  To do this I will rely more on my greenhouse as well.

The crops that have done well in the heat are watermelon, tomatoes, egg plant, kale, corn, beets, potatoes , lufa, herbs,  cantaloupe, rhubarb , zucchini , squash ,  cabbage, and cukes .  The plants that I would like to restart later when it cools a bit are peas , lettuce, and beans.  There are onions also that will be planted later as well as additional herbs .

I am excited though to have several baby watermelon appearing ,  many tomatoes and cukes .   The corn is growing tasslels .  For next year I have a new plan and am learning that being a gardener never gets boring .  It always offers new challenges .

To your success,  Grandma Jean

One thought on “Challenging Crops

  1. Here in California, we have more climate zones than most of the rest of the Country. Timing in the outside of the Santa Cruz Mountains is VERY different from that of the Santa Clara Valley, just a few miles away! Even within the same climate zones, there are many microclimates.


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