A Different Garden


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


An outdoor living space can be enhanced by the establishment of the tranquility of a water garden .   Also if a water fall or spray is included with well placed statues and lighting beside the plants , the peace and enjoyment of your garden will be increased many fold.

As you begin your water garden design consider the  location desired , the materials to be used and the plants that you wish to integrate into the pond.

Placing your water garden in a location without many trees will help to make it less work for you .  When leaves begin to fall a screen placed over your pond can help with the clean up . Your maintenance would require that you keep the dying leaves out of the pool as much as possible.  This is especially important if you have a filter or pump system installed.  Pumps and filters can get clogged .  Access to electricity is important if you have a pump or filter system wanted.  Easy water availability is necessary to consider as well.

Another consideration with the placement of your pond is the accessibility to it for pets and small children .  Children are attracted to water so this could be a safety concern .  Also check to see if your neighborhood has regulations established regarding the inclusion of ponds .  Some do.

Some plants will flower in partial shade but many will require at least 5 hours of sun to bloom.  You can check with your local nursery research this on line .

A concrete pool will last the longest with a liner  but a preformed fiberglass or plastic pool would be easier to put in the ground .   A functional hole needs to be dug  for the molded piece to overlap the ground on the edges.  If putting in a fountain or waterfall , determine the size of the splash as too much will detract from the peaceful atmosphere that you wish for .  Also make sure that the plants that you have established can tolerate being splashed upon.

While you stock your pond keep in mind that a balance of plants and fish will keep the ecosystem in your design functioning and thriving .  If it becomes unbalanced a growth of algae will be the result.  Include the plants at the beginning of your growing season.  Feed the fish until the plants have become established .  This will be about 5 weeks.

You can include floating plants such as water hyacinths and water lettuce .  Keep the growth contained and do not allow to be over grown.  Gold fish can overwinter in most areas as they go to the bottom and seem to go dormant.  They do not have to be fed at this time nor do they have to be fed when the plants are established.

Enjoy this different kind of gardening.   Grandma Jean



One thought on “A Different Garden

  1. My colleague in Mid City Los Angeles has FOUR fountains in his tiny urban parcel. They are mostly rather small. I do not like them much, but they are not too noisy, and just noisy enough, (and well placed enough), to obscure the sound of the Santa Monica Freeway just a block away! Zayante Creek flows through my garden, so ‘adding’ a water feature is rather pointless. Bean Creek flows through the farm. Where I work part time, Bean Creek flows into Zayante Creek, and more small creeks than I can remember flow into the region. There will be no more water features for us.


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