Weed Out


Weeds ?  Well they come and go and we have the power to determine their fate.

What if one day when you were just a seedling yourself you had known you were going to be big and strong and beautiful .  You knew what flowers looked like and for a while you knew  something of what they felt like.  As time passed you began to feel like a weed because as spring came and the flowers around you bloomed  you learned to be content as a weed.  You tried to take up very little space ,  very little sun and  very little nourishment and water so that the flowers around you could sustain themselves in grand fashion.

When warm air covered  the ground and you felt growth moving you it is then that you have a hope and a wish for a bud , a blooming.  Of course that is impossible, you  are thinking because you are just a weed.

One day someone picking flowers comes across you and notices a beautiful tiny flower bud emerging from the over growth of all the other flowers.  Perhaps you noticed that this person is delighted by the exquisite tiny flower growing from your weed like stem.  You would not believe it at first, you would think it was a mistake but hope again arises within you very cautiously .   As you begin to look at yourself and experience the appreciation of that special person you began to have doubts ,  you at first would not believe that you are actually a flower .

You know now what it actually feels like to be a flower and are gladdened by it , excited in fact , but at the same time you are sad that you wasted so much time  believing yourself to be a weed .  You haven’t discovered yet what being a flower is all about but you promise your self to give it all you’ve got.

Grow For It,  Grandma Jean


3 thoughts on “Weed Out

    1. I was just thinking the same thing. . . but I was also thinking about the big blue gum that I grew merely because it came up with healthy roots when I pulled it as a weed. Yes, I love the big blue gum, but seriously?!?


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