In The Beginning


Hi folks ,  I hope your Easter and other Holidays that you celebrate were all happy and joyous.  Singing in the choir keeps me in a celebratory mood .  I have also heard that singing to your plants is beneficial.

It is time to start a new beginning in this part of the world with the arrival of spring .

Let’s start with clearing all debris from your selected garden space , tilling the soil with the compost that we created over the year , adding minerals and mulch .  Pop in those organic seedling when they are ready and watch the magic.

Compost is important to create proper nutrition and ph balance in your soil .  The photos show an established compost pile and as well as when it has matured to a functional quality .

To make your own compost use almost all organic waste that is left from preparing food. Raw vegetables and fruit , egg shells , coffee grounds and fish bones .  Plant clippings as well as leaves may also be turned into compost .  Cooked foods and weeds and twigs should not be included.

To activate and cure your compost to break down does take some time .  The process requires turning to insert oxygen into the mixture .  Turn it with your pitchfork.  Lightly add manure, horse , cow, or chicken .  If you or your neighbors do not have it readily available ,( and I’m sure your neighbors would welcome help cleaning barns.), you can purchase it at a local garden supply.  If your conditions are dry , you will need to add water occasionally .  It is highly advisable to NOT add  highly chlorinated water.

Enclosed compost containers are also available for purchase or you can make your own.  You will need the capability to turn your compost to create your soil .

If you have youngsters I would like to suggest that you help them to create a children’s garden.  Children delight in the achievement and accept the responsibility readily .  First help them to select the plants they can grow .  Start with 2 or 3 that will come up and produce quickly in the spring or early summer because children have little concept of time and could loose interest .  One plant that comes to mind is peas , another is lettuce .  If the youngsters are old enough they could even be encouraged to complete the task by serving their produce at a family dinner .  Of course the harvesting , washing and cooking should be supervised .  I have had some gritty lettuce from the lack of an overseer . Herbs are also fairly child proof and maybe could inspire a future chef .
Digging with You, Grandma Jean

One thought on “In The Beginning

  1. Plants do not know if you are singing to them. However, people who are attentive enough to sing to them tend to take better care of them and be more attentive to what they are trying to say.

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