Goodness Coming Up

IMG_3092Good day to all the gardeners out there ,

Greener in January became stretched out a bit but finally March is making promises it has to keep.

The greenhouse is near completion and just needs some trim and shelves but I am able to use it .  The delay to our timeline for having it finished has been all of the expected interruptions happening at once .  We will also include a gutter that will supply a rain barrel .

The seeds are started in the greenhouse and the other day my first tomato surfaced.  What a joy to know that Spring is here.  I put on my happy face.

All of the seeds that are planted are certified organic heirloom seeds or are in the final stages of meeting those qualifications.  Some were purchased but most came from saving seeds of over production of years gone by.  The use of these seeds can save a lot of money in the years to come as well as contribute to ones health in the purity of the vegetables and fruits grown.

It can also be enjoyable to sell your over production of established healthy. plants at your local farmers market .  I expect that my enthusiasm will provide the supply .

May I encourage everyone to can, dry, vacuum seal and freeze as many of your fresh vegetables as possible .  It is worth the effort and time for your health, your pocketbook and the exercise that we all could use.

If you are uncertain about how to do food preservation safely , there are many instructions available in your library and also on the internet .  YouTube is also a place that good instruction can be found on any subject.

The supplies required for preserving food is mostly a one time purchase .  Start slowly and build your confidence .  At first you will just want to admire your well stocked shelves .  When you bring your accomplishments to the table the appreciation of your family and guests will not go unnoticed .

Planting herbs , growing herbs , drying herbs , using herbs in recipes for flavor of our food and also for cosmetics as well as medicinal uses is of interest to many.  I am just beginning to appreciate all of the applications possible .

OK, lets begin by laying out our garden where it is wanted, removing rocks, roots and   tilling the soil with a mixture of compost, peat moss and fertilizer  .  I like horse manure because it is readily available to me.  Plant your seeds with a mixture to start seeds in containers and keep the soil moist.  Please remember to start small and build your garden and confidence one year at a time .

Are you getting hungry yet ?   Grandma Jean

2 thoughts on “Goodness Coming Up

  1. Our extra vegetables get canned because there is no freezer. It would be nice to freeze them instead. Canning is such a waste of nutrients. The finished products are pretty good, but the high temperature of canning ruins so much of what makes them healthy.

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