Greener in January

Good day to you all .  January and February has been the time of the year when my sister and I usually head to Florida .  We visit relatives , tour gardens and find fresh veggies all along the way .  This year our visit may be shorter than we formerly planned as I will be fortunate to have fresh veggies in my own back yard.

There are many ways to build a green house . The cold frames made from used window or glass door panels set upon a raised bed work well .  I have also used bent fence wire with clear plastic attached .  These are all moveable and replaceable .  Also if you have a sunroom attached to your home , you can easily adapt it to become a green house.  I chose to build a semi permanent structure this year .  I CAN HARDLY WAIT FOR COMPLETION .

My friend Kevin and I are building a green house.  Kevin is an engineer by education and is very capable of designing the structure that I wanted .  So far everything is fitting together perfectly and every detail has been well thought out.  Progressive pictures will accompany future blogs along with internal as well as external design.

The green house will have a ventilation system , a cooling system , a heating system, a watering system and temperature control .  All of this will be accomplished with  a solar panel and a timer , a pond and a pump .

The structure is 8′ x 8′ and has a framed , insulated plywood floor built upon corner supports that we purchased at a local builders supply store.  The ceiling is 7 ‘ high and the roof will be peaked .  Polycarbonate  panels will provide adequate protection and light emissions .  These panels will be placed on the finished frame that has been completed with the addition of side walls of 3 ‘ high .

Internally we will construct shelves , a potting bench, storage, and a door or two .  Hopefully it will be completed this week .  I am excited about having produce year round as well as saving money and knowing that my plants are not altered in any way .

In the future I will provide plans for this green house as well as a sure method for starting seeds successfully as well as suggestions for maintaining full plant growth .  Remember , “It’s in Your Soil “.

Growing together ,  Grandma Jean



2 thoughts on “Greener in January

  1. Looking great! That will be so neat to go into your backyard greenhouse and get the vegetables 🥒 you want and have the assurance that they have not been altered! Absolutely wonderful! Sandra


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