Bug Out 2


Hi Gardeners ,  It is my wish that you all have enjoyed your holidays and that you have a Happy New Year  .  This time of year needs every bit of our attention and time to reconnect with family and friends  .   The focus is on sharing and love and I hope that you all became wrapped up in the season.

If your tradition for New Years dinner is sauerkraut or black eyed peas ,  or stuffed cabbage , I hope that the produce from last years garden helped contribute to your tradition .  Growing your own food from heirloom seeds and your preserving methods of choice is satisfying, healthy and thrifty .

First we have to get the bugs out the best way and that’s with natural application.  so here are a few more suggestions .   As I’ve mentioned before , we are at the top of the food chain but we don’t want to eat ’em .

A good way to keep these critters out is to go to any gardening supply store  to purchase diatomaceous earth  and sprinkle this among your plants .  This helps keep soil clean and bug free.

Another natural way to introduce pest control is by using a beneficial predator control to deter the insect spread.  Bird feeders , chickens,  ducks and other poultry will help .

Although using Dawn or other dish soap as a spray can help with aphids , beetles and the whitefly,  the frequent use of this application can reduce your abundance .   There is also a product named neem that has proven useful.  Handpicking, row covers, and beneficial nematodes as well as crop rotation are also useful.

If you are growing corn and are experiencing earworms then apply canola or olive oil with an eye dropper to the top of the area where and when the silk emerges .  Corn will flourish if we fence it away from raccoons .

Cutworms can be kept under control by cultivating a couple of times  .  After that the birds will take care of the problem  and if you start seedlings plant them sometime later than usual.

Zinnias are a good companion plant  as well as marigolds to eliminate many insects .

Plant more than you can use ,  they can’t get them all .  Any excess can be sold or distributed among your friends and neighbors.

A last thought ,  Remember always that the best prevention starts with your soil preparation .  IT’S IN YOUR SOIL .

Happy New Year and a prosperous one to you and yours .

Grandma Jean

4 thoughts on “Bug Out 2

  1. The main reason I do not write about insect infestations is that we do not get any worth writing about. I suppose that is a good thing, and makes me wonder what I am doing right. I suppose I should find out, and then write about it.
    Gophers are a serious problem right now! I can not keep them away! Well, that is another topic for another time.


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