Bug Out


Good morning to all of the gardeners out there .  I sincerely hope that as Thanksgiving approaches your bountiful harvest will fill your tables with mouth watering recipes.

Previously we had discussed ,in a brief way, that it is important to clean up your garden in the Fall .  Not only will this prevent mold but will eliminate many critters wanting to share your production with you .  These critters , (bugs),  can destroy a crop quickly so let us remember that we are at the top of the food chain and all is fair in love and war with bugs .

Organic pest control is the best approach for your health as well as a way to keep nature in balance .    Row covers are useful as a beginning application.

If you have the room to do so , acquire some free range chickens or ducks .  They not only consume many insects but at the same time can help fertilize your plot  . You also will save dollars on poultry feed .  Japanese beetles are successfully controlled in this way  as well as other insects .

Rotating your crops assists in controlling your garden pests .  This is accomplished because bugs are drawn to specific plants and in effect you are not allowing them to find a happy home .  This is especially important to control maggots that attack roots.

If we provide a nesting habitat for wild birds we can eliminate much grief and frustration.  Bird feeders help .  There are also ways to find beneficial insects for your specific problem and these can be looked up on the internet .  I will make a list of these in my next post.  Stay tuned.

The top controls are crop rotation, insecticidal soap solutions ,  oil for horticultural purposes ,  crop rotation , poultry predators , hand picking, row covers, garlic pepper spray , attracting birds and planting beneficial companion plants and always using organic gardening products .

In the next post I will go into more detail regarding some of these subjects but in the meantime I invite your comments and items of your concern.

Enjoy your upcoming holidays .

Working for our enjoyment ,  Grandma Jean



One thought on “Bug Out

  1. Years ago, vineyards had plants that attracted beneficials. Some of these plants are trendy in vineyards, but no one remembers why. Rose brambles at the ends of the rows attracted beneficial insects. Italian cypress provided nesting sites for birds that kept crows away. In fruit orchards, mulberry trees kept birds busy while apricots and pruned ripened.


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