Warm Hearts and Cold Frames


Good Morning Folks .  It is a beautiful day here to accomplish any out door activity that one would wish .  I hope that you are experiencing the same.

My grandson Andrew was enthusiastic for my wishes to establish a gardening blog and helped me with my desire to share it with all of you.  Thank you Andrew for your warm and loving heart and all of your hard work .

While you are creating the garden of your dreams keep in mind that a garden journal is important .  A journal can answer many questions we may have for our future gardens.  We should remember to date our journal and indicate the weather conditions or any activity such as insects and the control that we successfully applied .   If there is an over abundance of one kind of vegetable or a need for additional plantings of another we should record these thoughts.  Also the types of mulch used ,  the desire to rearrange beds and if we have difficulty cultivating existing beds .  Any other information that is useful for us should be included such as seeds we were wishing to include in next years garden .

Winter ground cover is important as this will replace any nutrients in your soil that was absorbed by last years crop.  This can be Winter Rye or Oats and can be tilled up in the spring .  These crops can also prevent soil erosion.

Cold frames can be built to extend growing seasons .   These frames act like mini green houses and many plants grow successfully in them with proper watering .  We can have salad fixings all year round among other cool weather plants.  A cold frame is also a good way to start seeds for your garden in the spring.

The cold frame can be constructed very simply .  For a more elaborate structure , plans can be found on the internet if you are wanting to find your options for design .  I plan to create mine using materials found at garage sales and resale stores .  One option would be to arrange cement blocks , a couple  of them high , stacked around  a raised bed and covered with a few window panes that can be taken off when working .  The windows will allow light to penetrate the plants and will also magnify the warmth for the plants .

While I am enjoying sharing what I have learned in the past ,  I am also enjoying the learning process that hopefully will continue way into the future .

Next week we can talk about natural herbs and healing.

Wishing for you lots of good weather,   Grandma Jean





One thought on “Warm Hearts and Cold Frames

  1. When I started planting my figs, quinces, cane berries . . . and everything else on a vacant parcel a few years ago, I kept perfect records of the names of the cultivars and the dates on which they were planted. The parcel had never been used for anything else before, so I was starting from scratch, and was determined to document everything! Then . . . someone put the documents in the trash and disposed of them. Well, so much for that plan. There are no annuals fruits or vegetables there anyway. It is all just fruit trees, canes and vines.


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