How y’all doing today ?  Many of us are interested in saving money while creating fertile soil .  Composting is a good way to to start .  This will save you big bucks as well as eliminate chemicals  in your garden that are harmful for the health of your saved seeds as well as your physical health .

When you compost you create soil .  It is as simple as that .

First find a place in your yard that will be convenient for your compost pile .  If you do not want the compost exposed , you can make a one time purchase of a compost barrel at any major hardware or garden store .

Immediately survey your yard and  your surroundings for available material . The leaves off of most trees EXCEPT pine needles and some oak.  The pine needles and some oak have too much acid in them for your garden and will burn it out .  Collect these leaves and any garden residue from cleaning up your patch and pile them up .  Add to this pile any vegetable peelings , egg shells ,  vegetation and raw scraps of any kind.

Turn this matter over with a pitch fork every once in a while to help with the decomposing .  If you have a compost barrel just turn it or roll it .

Continue to add to this the entire winter and in the spring you will have beautiful organic soil at no expense to you .  You may also benefit with fishing worms for use to catch those big dinners on the end of your pole.

Let’s get started .  Wishes for your enjoyment ,  Grandma Jean

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