Fall and Winter Prep


There are a few things to do in the fall and winter in order to get a start on next years  garden but it won’t take long .  Organization and following your plan is the key to success.

Clean up the old garden in the fall .  Clean and pull old plants , discard any trash  and burn any material that might carry any insects or disease .  If you live in the deep South it may be possible to plant a second crop of  vegetables such as carrots , early cabbage , collards,   radish , peas, onions and beets .  Those of you that are living in the Upper South plant lettuce , collards, spinach , onions and kale.  More delicate vegetables , such as lettuce, can be grown in a cold frame

This is also a good time to plant bulbs.

Now when your garden is replanted you may harvest a second crop , depending on your location , and then when that is fully produced , clean the garden again .  This time you may wish to till it and sow oats into the entire garden .  This will grow and hold your soil as well as offer nutrition into your soil .   In the Spring you just need to plow and till  and possibly add lime.

In the future we will address preparing your soil in a way that will allow you to have a permanently established garden bed where plants thrive .  This method will not require that you labor as you have in the past .  This method is relatively effortless.

Please contact me if you have questions or suggestions .  All input is welcome.

An end of season recipe is here folks and it is yummy .

Garden Soup

Four stalks of celery , 2 large onions , garlic to taste, 1 green pepper , 6 tomatoes , half of  a head of a small cabbage , 2 cups beans , 1 tsp. salt , 1 Tbl spoon of honey , 1 Tbl spoon of vinegar.  Cook  2 pounds of ground beef or other meat such as chicken and chop .  Chop vegetables and add to the meat and add water to make the consistency desired .  Simmer for an hour or two.  Season and serve.

For your enjoyment ,  Grandma Jean






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