Saving Your Seeds

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Jean Molnar,  Enthusiastic Gardener with Kevin J. McKinney , Soil Conservationist

Hi Folks ,  Most of the readers of gardening information have already established their gardens for this year and are realizing good results from their hard labor.  I hope that you will continue to read on because the labor does not have to be intense for a successful harvest year after year.  We will show you step by step how to achieve this .

All of us have heard the saying , ” A penny saved is a penny earned .” , said to have been a quote from Ben Franklin .   Well true as that is , the same principle applies to reproduction of your crop through proper management of your seeds.

We begin by using the best heirloom seeds available .  Many heirloom seeds have been saved for decades and centuries . We also use simple, natural organic methods to germinate these seeds before we put them in prepared soil .  (more about that method in a later post .).

Now as has been my observation , most of us over produce and end up with more vegetables than can be consumed or preserved .  Use your over production for seeds to start next years garden.

The seeds that come from tomatoes, , cucumber ,eggplant, green beans ,either pole or bush, okra ,peas , peppers , squash , watermelon and other varieties of melon all have internal seeds that can be taken out of the plant .  After discarding most plant residue, place the seeds on a paper towel or cloth and let dry .  When dried for a couple of days, place in an air tight container , zip lock bags work fine , and keep in a dry cool place for use next year .

Corn can be dried right on the cob and the seeds, when dry , will eventually drop off .  Store also the same as the above method.

Asparagus and rhubarb will remain in the soil and produce year after year.

Root vegetables as carrots, beets, etc. can be salvaged by saving the seeds that develop from the plants that are left in the ground until the third quarter of the year .

Other vegetables such as onions , broccoli , cauliflower will grow flowers as they age and small seeds will result from those plants.  A common term for describing this is often said , ” The plants are going to seed”.

Remember to keep your seeds in a cool , dry and preferably a dark place until used for next years garden .   Have fun and save money .   Also have you considered selling your extra seeds ?

Our next discussion will offer suggestions to prepare your garden for the fall and winter seasons.  I also welcome your input for your personal gardening interests.

Have a great day ,  Grandma Jean






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