Gardening For Keeps


Forever in Your Soil

Kevin J. McKinney, Soil Conservationist and Jean M. Molnar, Enthusiastic Gardener

Hey, my name is Jean.  I am a mom, grandma, aunt, sister and transplanted gardener.

Last year I left my Ohio garden behind me and moved to the coastal regions of North Carolina.

The genuine Southern hospitality and the warmer climate in North Carolina was more than welcoming.  I settled in and began to plan my garden.

Well it turned out that my love of gardening was challenged as I used methods that I had formally used in Ohio.  Sometimes successful and sometimes not.

I was wondering what garden techniques I should apply in coastal North Carolina as the soil is very different from the soil in Ohio.  My dilemma was solved by an introduction to a gentleman who is an expert gardener.   His knowledge in applications to achieve a successful garden, in all kinds of soil, was an answer to my prayers.  His name is Kevin.

Kevin established a garden in my back yard and used methods that accomplish permanent solutions for gardeners where ever the garden plot is created.  Any climate, any soil can be used to create a successful, productive garden with minimum maintenance required from the gardener.

This is a permanent solution as once the garden is established there is very little maintenance on the part of the person who tends the patch.   No more weeding required, no mold, mildew, insects and the watering required is kept to a minimum or is self-sustaining.

So enthusiastic I am about what has happened in my back yard, that I would like to share the information from the “permanent prepper”, as I call him.  Kevin has given me permission to do so.  His avocation is dedicated to encouraging others toward success.

Future topics will give you knowledge about how to enjoy gardening without the frustration experienced at times by many of us.  This method can eliminate additional work for you and me.  Future discussions will include the direction that you can take to achieve ownership of a permanent, awesome garden bed.

Since your garden is already in full swing and you are now realizing the results of your effort we can address the procedure for SAVING your SEEDS .


Grandma Jean






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